“There are few lives so uneventful that a true record of them would not be of some worth.” Martha Cragun Cox (1852-1932)

The history of the women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, popularly known as Mormons, is rich and complex. Family, friends, community, and Church were their binding force. Mormonwomenhistory.org aims to provide a meeting point for information relating to that history. Primary documents illustrate various experiences, both individual and institutional, with links to secondary analysis. A detailed timeline and brief biographies of both well-known and lesser-known women illustrates the complexity, the social network, the political and cultural activity, and the far-reaching influence of women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their national and international contexts.


Like the pieces of a patchwork quilt, each woman illustrates a rich individual experience. Their personal stories help present a larger collective whole. The Biographies section allows viewers to edit or add to the collection of biographies in the form of a wiki. Each entry includes bibliographies for additional information. Mormonwomenhistory.org welcomes your participation.


LDS women have participated in several significant events. Their activity both influenced and was influenced by larger national and international events. This timeline provides a visual depiction of interlinked events. Each entry will include references for additional information.


The scholarly study of Mormon women’s history occurs across the country and around the world. The mormonwomenhistory.org forum provides a current list of people engaged in the study of LDS women with their various research areas. As well, announcements, conferences, publications, and discussion threads provide online interaction for all.


LDS women have recorded the interactions, events, and personal introspection of their lives in journals, diaries, correspondence, poetry, memoirs, and in more public spheres such as newspapers, publications, and other media. This page will provide links to some of these items, as well as to secondary literature by scholars about Mormon women’s history.


Several websites make references to Mormon women’s history. This page will list several links to pages with information, bibliographies, and other services.